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I’m bored :(


I want to draw! But what? Send me your character, so i can draw something.
I need the picture of the whole body, reblog with it. :)

PS: If you want you can make requests specifice on the drawing. ;)

If you are still taking them! c:

She has different markings than what GW2 has- ah…. -posts link-


Commission for soundless-synergy !



Commission for soundless-synergy !


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DJ Boss party 25.07.14

I can’t wait to move into my new house so I can finally manage to make it to one of these! ;A; I loved the first one I went too, but either don’t have the connection or I’m out doing moving things. -whiinnneesss-

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hey losers


im in a drawing mood

reblog with a ref and ill draw your asura in my shitty little art style (asura only because i suck at everything else)

everything is done with a mouse so go easy on me~

ps: all you’ll get is a face portrait cus i suck

Me please! <3

I ship you with ___________.

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I just want to take a moment to welcome all my new followers!

I’ll try not to disappoint! ;u;


Spirit and MisviaSpirit has a modified watchknight arm to replace the one he lost in battle.

 Eeee &lt;3 thisissocute


Spirit and Misvia
Spirit has a modified watchknight arm to replace the one he lost in battle.

 Eeee <3 thisissocute

smallasurances said: Mippt: *sneering* Hello~ Zznaf. ((Long time follower <3 just finally decided to say hi))



Greetings, Mippt! I don’t believe we’ve met before. It’s a pleasure to speak with you… even though, rumors say, you’re with the Inquest. 

Is this so? I must admit this would be the first time Inquest has greeted me without trying to kill me right afterward. 

It would be nice to… uh… keep it that way. And… at… you know… a distance… *inches away slightly* 


((Misvia let me include her in the post, she also says hi!)

Mippt: Eh?… Why would the Inquest try to kill you? You don’t look important or anything. *scratches head* I don’t pay attention to the news or Inquest reports that often, even though I shou-

Misvia: *scoffs and walks up behind Mippt, interrupting him* Mippt? Kill someone? Probably the only thing he’s killed are flies, and he probably struggles with those. He has trouble comprehending the incomprehensible. *winks* Don’t worry Zznaf, I keep him out of trouble.

((Misvia keeps Mippt in line so he doesn’t do anything inquesty or evil… although he doesn’t seem to pick up on it.))

Anonymous said: So Misvia, what is your relationship to Mippt, and do you trust him even though he's Inquest?

Misvia blinks at the question, a small blush forming across her face, before seemingly avoiding the first question. “Che! He’s about as Inquest as a loaf of bread. He doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into-” She pauses, and a look of concern forms over her expression. “He’s… going to get hurt. He… doesn’t belong in the Inquest.” She glances her gaze away, bringing her arms up to hold herself slightly. “I-… Yes. I trust him.”