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I’m moving and will be internetless for a while. See you guys when I get everything settled at my new place!

!! You will be missed ;u; Be safe!

Misvia will be at Freecon!

Yep… Just derping around in Tallahassee. Drop me a line if you’ll be there!

Anonymous asked: In Soviet Russia, Humans smart than Asura, da!

She blinks, staring at the words. “What’s a ‘Soviet Russia?”


Illustration (17/04/2013): Drew one of my Guild Wars 2 characters. I’m pretty happy with the outcome.

This style is amazing <3


Illustration (17/04/2013): Drew one of my Guild Wars 2 characters. I’m pretty happy with the outcome.

This style is amazing <3

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Just finished doing a stream, some of the better doodles I did while taking a break from a commission.


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endless-archivium asked: "Help me!" - Vii


"D-Don’t worry. I’m here now. You’ll be fine." The girl fretted over the downed guardian. "It’s okay." She glanced around looking for any threat. Deeming it safe, she looked to her golem. "RHO- Go retrieve help!" She would stay with Vii, and make sure she wouldn’t get even more injured.

"Bookah, Imma mess you up!"

A funny Mis-captured idle screeny of break-g-w2's new asura.

Screenshot dump! c: I went to TC again~

Aahahsjdksa I can’t get over break-g-w2's new asura. She's too cute ;A;

Captions on most images~






so i tried out pvp today 


yeah, you think us zerk PvE players are bad. just try PvP and wait for the first person to PM you even if you do a great job. they target people with low ranks, just because they can. if someone EVER curses at you, you can report for verbal abuse which can lead to a ban. these people should stop abusing others just for enjoying the game.

It’s precisely this sort of nonsense that keeps me far, far away from sPvP. I’m sorry you had to deal with someone like that. What a douchecanoe. But yeah, fmagaric is right; don’t hesitate to report people for verbal abuse and use the block function if need be.

I’m not sure whether to be mildly surprised or disappointed that people target users with low sPvP ranks. I mean, what’s the point of even trying and learning the ropes to improve if you’re already starting with a proverbial ‘kick me’ sign pinned on the back?

wow what the fuck, i hope they got reported so they can shit their pants over a permaban

That’s why they need to bring Dhuum back, from the first Guild Wars. For people like that.

Just tell them to QQ more and that their tears give you life force. xD

arani101 asked: "They'll kill you!" (to anyone)


"But if we don’t do this, more will die." She looked to Ralli, the background of a burning Lion’s Arch behind her. The survivors looked weak, the Miasma getting thicker. "I’ll distract them. Ralli, I know you can get the through the portal." She looked back at her and smiled. "Good luck."

((Ha, kinda viseversa of what really happened, but! ))